Analytics Based Strategy

Risk Management
Loyalty Management Framework
Resource Planning

Customer Value Management
Pro-active / Reactive Retention Framework
Sales Planning

  • Data Cleansing
  • Data De-duplication
  • Analytical Data Model
  • Dashboard / Trend Visualization
  • Forecasting Business Metrics
  • Distribution Analytics
  • Price Optimization Analysis
  • Web Analytics
  • Resource Optimization
  • Layout Optimization
  • Store Profitability Analysis
  • Inventory Planning
  • KYC Customer Segmentation
  • Scorecard Development
  • Product Sequencing
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Loyalty Analysis
  • Value Prediction
  • Churn Analysis
  • Behavioral Analysis
Laying The Foundation Operational Efficiencies Latent Opportunity Identification

Data Management

"A recent report found that 40% of business initiatives fail due to data quality."

We at TAS partner with our clients to design and deploy an appropriate data management framework. Our experts in TAS design customize solutions to clean, enrich, manage and maintain customer database. Our customized analytical data model ensures valuable information of customers are managed and maintained to ensure a reduced TAT to derive analytical based insights.

Business Intelligence

"What gets measured; gets managed."

The Analytics Shop helps organization to build their analytical maturity level. The first stage of our model is gaining Business Intelligence by tracking and analyzing data from a business viewpoint. We in TAS partner with our clients to give them a complete overview about their key business areas through industry specific customized dashboard with capabilities to perform drill-down analysis. While dashboard is the first logical stage of business intelligence; it also encompasses of advance analytical techniques that helps achieve operational efficiencies.

Customer Intelligence

"Numbers have an important story to tell. We give them a clear and convincing voice."

Quick couple of questions:
  • Which is the most profitable product / variant?
  • Who are your most profitable customers?
Most business heads will take no time to answer the first question but the later is not easily known. As a business head one knows all about their businesses but very less about customers'. Customer Intelligence is about gaining in-depth understanding about customers' behavior and device strategies based on their requirements. Our expertise lies in understanding customers' behavior to identify business opportunities for improving profitability and customer experience.

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